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Navaflow is a one of a kind Yoga and Mindfulness Studio in Amsterdam IJburg. The studio is built from the heart and is beautifully situated on the water. It is also possible to have classes on the outside floating deck. Just the beautiful environment alone gives one peace of mind. Navaflow gives private and group classes in Yoga and Mindfulness. Each class is personally customized to your wishes, goals and time. Navaflow also organizes various workshops on Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, including SupYoga classes on the water. Check the calendar or sign up for the newsletter and check out the Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

After a yoga class at Hilda's I am always full of energy and I finally have some peace and quiet in my head. Hilda gives what you call no-frills yoga, just the right balance between physical and spiritual. It's a lovely way of relaxing by efforts. The classes outside on the beautiful terrace on the water are of course the bomb, pack your swimsuits!

Love M"



"On the advice of my physiotherapist I started yoga after my hernia. Just the idea of being in a yoga group was not appealing. On Facebook I saw that Hilda was giving yoga-classes more privately and now I'm going once a week and we practice yoga together for an hour .She let me relax outside and taught me many new things. I like it with Hilda because she explains everytrhing clearlyl and makes me feel comfortable. Plus the location is wonderful. Who wouldn't want to be on a houseboat with such a beautiful view over the water. If the weather is nice she teaches outside on the terrace. Because the house moves with the water you automatically get extra lessons in balance. I think this is perfect and I look forward to every meeting. I've become a lot more relaxed and agile. Thank you dear Hilda xxxxxxxxx Paula"




Quite a time ago my heart and soul were in my first job, teaching aerobics and giving Personal Training. After this i started working in the hospitality industry; unfortunately this caused problems with my health. In 2007 I started to deepen my yoga practice and noticed that my health improved significantly. I knew for sure that I wanted to immerse myself further in yoga.


Hilda is committed to the authentic, simple and accessible teachings of the Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda program (put a hyperlink to, established by AG and Indra Mohan. The Mohan’s were mentored for many years by Krishnamacharya ‘the father of modern yoga’ (as was B.K.S Iyengar). The extensive and increasingly renowned program promotes a traditional and personalised approach to yoga, combining the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. Hilda is currently undertaking a yoga therapy program and a yogic mindfulness program with Svastha.  


She works intuitively with students and has a passion for working with people with burnout, stress, and other health issues. She has recently also completed an Introceptive Trauma Sensitive training, Heart Coherence training and a Yoga Therapy program for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 


Alongside this wealth of knowledge she can bring to the class, Hilda has a number of other qualifications, including a 500 hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, and is trained as a mindfulness coach. She teaches from her heart and extensive experience and has worked in helping people on a range of emotional and physical issues to ensure peace and steadiness and mind. 

MEET Hilda Wieland, founder of Navaflow, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

Private Lessons:


Navaflow is a Yoga & Mindfulness Studio specialized in individual classes tailored to the student(s).


That could mean a one on one lesson that goes deeper into specific complaints at a suitable time or a custom group up to 4 people.


We like to work with people who want to enrich themselves physically and mentally area by spending time and energy in Yoga and Mindfulness. You can register through e-mail for a free intake.


 If money is an issue there is the opportunity to receive a class organized by the Arising Yoga Volunteer project. This group provides donation based yoga and mindfulness classes for women in Amsterdam. Check the website for more information. (put link

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- Private lesson € 55,-  (1 hour)

- Private lessons € 80,- (1,5 hour)

- 5 Private lessons  € 250,- 

- The first intake is free



Navaflow regularly organizes workshops, keep an eye on the agenda, sign up for our newsletter and check out our Facebook page.


Navaflow gives private lessons and group lessons in Yoga and Mindfulness. 
Each class is personally customised. The classes include breathing techniques, meditation and various forms of yoga adapted to demand.
Navaflow has extensive knowledge and background in different techniques and works also from intuition. People with all kinds of problems both mentally and physically have found their way into Navaflow. But even if you have no problems but simply want to stand firmer in your shoes and to pursue your own goals, you’re more than welcome to Navaflow!



Hildas classes incorporate mindful breathing synchronised with movement. Through the practice strength is developed, along with a deepened sense of calm and steadiness of mind. The essence of yoga is yogic mindfulness – achieving a state of lightness in the body and brightness in the mind. Each class is personalised to the needs of individual or small group (how yoga was classically taught). First, Hilda will meet with you a free introductory class (put link to signing up for class?) to discuss your lifestyle and changes you might like to make, as well any injuries or chronic conditions, after which she will plan a program for you if you decide it is something you would like to go ahead with. Class sizes are kept deliberately small to ensure individual attention. Modifications are offered for all postures to ensure that all students can benefit from the practice. Contact Hilda if you would like to organize a yoga class for yourself or for a small group at your workplace or with your friends and family! 



“Mastery of the breath is the key to good health” A.G. Mohan, Amsterdam May 2016. 

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